In the Studio

Kari Miller
designer, printer, owner

Kari Miller is a Baltimore-based, Texas native with a deep love of printing, color, and urban farming. Entrepreneurship was the goal from a young age — whether pulling weeds for a dime a piece or running the neighborhood dog-walking market, Kari has always been interested in being her own boss. So after acquiring a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in printmaking from Baylor University, Kari set her sights on having her own creative based business. It took a bit of time and some trial and error, but in March of 2013 Tiny Dog Press became a reality.

Today you can find Kari’s colorful letterpress cards and prints in popular shops around Baltimore, like Trohv in Hampden and 2910 on the Square in Canton. When not in the studio, you can find Kari in her garden with her two lovable pups, Max (Tiny) and Hansel, or selling cards and prints at local markets throughout Baltimore. Kari is dedicated to the local economy as well as giving back to society. Her bright and joyful spirit is an inspiration to other women entrepreneurs and serves as a role model to kids. Through Tiny Dog Press, Kari hopes to encourage and delight as well as show just how much is possible with a little creativity and a lot of heart.
Rosanne Sommers
hand lettering expert, designer
Rosanne is a hand lettering enthusiast; her favorite art form is a handwritten note. She is an urban Jesus follower, preschool teacher, and beauty seeker. When not found in her classroom or in a coffee shop with a pen and notebook, she is exploring Baltimore's diverse neighborhoods, finding charm in the city.
Anastasia Tantaros
Ana is a wedding, event and all-things-cool photographer in Baltimore, MD. Known for her letterpress love and interest in the DIY movement, she is the proud primary photographer for Tiny Dog Press. Her website:
Max "Tiny" Miller
studio pup
Sleeping on my parents bed, digging in the garden and wrestling with my dad are a few of my favorite things.