Baltimore Magazine August 2016

Kari Miller

Posted on August 02 2016

I am beyond excited to announce that two cards (Domino Sugars Sign & Patterson Park Pagoda) were featured in the August 2016 issue of the Baltimore Magazine.  The magazine is officially on the stand, so go by your favorite store and pick-up your copy!  Check out Charmed Life: Shopping, Lifestyle and Trends on pages 109-118 and Domino Effect: The Iconic Domino Sugars Sign As Seen By Area Artists on pages 212-217.  In addition, online there is a great video featuring Domino Sugars Sign, my personal sign love of the city.

Putting my love and items aside, the August issue is always a must have for anyone living in the city.  The Best of Baltimore section includes 181 winners in the categories of arts & culture, foods & drink, lifestyle & home, news & media.  The best way to catch up on the ever changing and growing areas of our city.  My goal this year is to check out each place listed.  A special congratulations to B Doughnut for winning Best Doughnuts!

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